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alex ennis and brooklyn collins assessing the pros and cons of a spring near tacachia

      The people of Tacachia, Bolivia are just a few  steps away from having clean water in their homes.  This summer, EWB-S&T traveled to the community  to make a few final observations and measurements  and get community input on which water source  would best suit them. Using this information, EWB-  S&T this semester. This is an ambitious timeframe,  but after six years of visiting Tacachia, everyone  involved plans to choose a spring and design a  pipeline for Tacachia so that they can have water by  the end of wants to see the idea of potable point-of-  use water come to fruition. Working towards this goal,  here’s a summary of what we did this summer:

 - We assessed the pros and cons of each spring location

 - We surveyed from the distribution tanks to the springs to determine how much material

 - We cleaned, tested, troubleshot, and photo-documented the ram pumps to update our

 - We performed some maintenance on the distribution line, and identified places that needed

 - We surveyed the community members to determine their understanding of bio-sand filters

 - Masters in Public Health students from MU did a preliminary health assessment of the

     With all of this being accomplished, we have much work to do this semester to meet our goal of getting potable water to Tacachia by the end of the semester. The Tacachia team is  determined to work as hard as we can do make this dream a reality.


Engineers Without Borders-S&T has started off the Spring semester rolling. Our Honduras team completed a successful implantation trip in January and came back great insight into the community’s want and needs. Big thank you to Rolla Rotary for their continued support of EWB-S&T, shown below is Mark Potrafka, Rotary Holiday Celebration Committee Member. I am happy to announce that all our vacant executive positions have officially been filled! Congratulations to Brandon Bringer, PMEL Lead; Skyler Jesse, Training and Equipment manager; and Heather Castelli, Programming Chair. This month we welcome Jake Midkiff as our program speaker. Jake was the very first program leader at EWB-S&T and just returned from his 3 years in the Peace Corps. We are very proud to call him one of our alumni and are happy to welcome him back to our EWB family. The EWB 5K is this weekend, March 1st in St. Louis! Lookout for more updates about fundraising events, BBQs, and construction and first aid trainings. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! Thank you! 

Cat Pherigo -EWB President

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February Newsletter (PDF)

The Honduras team of EWB-S&T travelled to Santiago over the 2014 winter break. Five students and two mentors visited Honduras from January 13th to 18th. In August 2013, the team installed a chlorination system on one of the three wells in the community. In January, a similar system was installed on a second well. This system was installed primarily by the system operators, supervised by the EWB team. Samples were taken from several houses in the community to test for chlorine and bacteria levels. Analysis of these tests found sufficient chlorine amounts and decreased bacteria levels throughout the community. A third chlorination system will be installed by the community members in the near future. Installation of the third system will provide chlorinated water to the majority of the community. In addition to the installations, water meter data was gathered to help the team estimate the demand of a typical household. Also, a meeting was held between the community leaders and EWB-S&T to clarify the ultimate goal of the Santiago, Honduras project. 


 Engineers Without Borders-S&T has really taken strides this year to improve our organization. After attending the Midwest Regional Conference at the University of Kansas, our members have discussed new possibilities. These include adding 2 new appointed offices (PMEL lead & Office Manager), instituting a new member program, and making a public Chapter Handbook for our members. As our projects are gaining speed, fundraising is becoming ever so important! Check out our events below including the 5K, trip raffle, and especially our End of the Year Campaign. Make sure to check out our chapter fundraising page and make your own! EWB students exemplify quality leaders and engineers. Gavin Donahue was one of these leaders that was dedicated to EWB and the community in Guatemala in which he worked. The Donohue Family established the Gavin Donahue Scholarship to honor Gavin’s memory and to honor those EWB students that exhibit Gavin’s love of Engineers Without Borders and concern for the communities in which EWB-S&T serves. To nominate someone you think is a worthy candidate for this scholarship, email me by November 30th.Thank you for taking the time to read our chapter updates! If you ever have any questions about our organization let me know! Thank you!

Cat Pherigo - EWB President


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November Newsletter (PDF)



Engineers Without Borders-S&T has gotten off to a great start this semester! We are so happy that so many anxious new members have gotten involved and are making huge contributions to the organization. Teams have been working earnestly on project reports and interpreting data from their summer trips. We are looking forward to the Midwest Regional Conference hosted by the University of Kansas chapter November 8th-10th. We are sending 12 students and 3 advisers, including 4 presenters! As we start to get more in depth in our project plans for the year, we have many trainings being scheduled. Keep a look out for trainings that may be useful for your team!

Cat Pherigo - EWB President

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October Newsletter (PDF)

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Tacachia, Bolivia

Missouri S&T students discuss their EWB experiences helping bring clean water to the village of Tacachia.


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